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These pictures and descriptions of Beatley outfits that we've concocted! Yes, we are girls but so what! They're cool outfits so we've decided to try them ourselves. Why? For something to do and nothing more!
These pictures feature yours trully Snappy Harrison.

The Cavern Beatle
This outfit is very simple. Black shirt, leather jacket, black jeans or leather pants, and Cowboy Boots. You can't see the boots in this picture but they're there. I made the picture black and white for authenticity since they didn't have colored photography in the Cavern Days!
Yesterday and Today

This was inspired from the Yesterday and Today LP cover. A white collared shirt with a sweater. I am hoping to get a green sweater soon like the one that Paul wore!
It's been a Hard Day's Night

This one's just a white shirt and a tie, notice the beatle boots.
Polythene Pam

This is my idea of what I think Polythene Pam looks like. This is Angel modeling this one. We got the JackBoots and Kilt and the rest we just kinda played on.
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